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In Memory

Life lay before us, there was so much to do.
The world was ours to conquer and explore
When we left Madison High School’s door.

There were jobs to be found
Further education to be had,
And someday becoming Moms and Dads.
Some chose to travel many miles away
For others, this was the place to stay.

Some may have accomplished
Most of the things they had planned
And think life has been just grand.
While in other lives many changes had to be made,
We had to make lots of adjustments along life’s way.

No matter what, when we gather once more,
I’m sure we’ll be glad we’ve made it this far.
But as we read here of the classmates we knew
We will also learn we are short a few.

Some have departed this life along the way
And will be absent from our reunion day.
Now as they are listed here and read,
Some will remember things that they did or said.
Faces will become vivid once more
Though they won't come thru the reunion door.

So let us live our lives mindful of the things we say and do,
For the next one missing might be me or you.

By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Sergio Dinino

Rita Doolin (Sacco)
Janice Polakowski (Twist)  
Ronald Prine

Cheryl Crimmons (Corey)
Kevin McKervey  

Barbara Baggett (Jones)  

Linda Gale Hoover (Elmy)  

Dennis Schaaf  

David McElmurry  

Gail Mills (Craig)  

James Campbell

Billie Baker  
Dwight Buzzy Bell
Gary Chaffin
Joanne Dashner (Missinne)
Ronald Hawk
Cheryl King
Joseph McLean  
Randy Rozanski
Gary Simonick  
Michael Sullivan  

If you are aware of a Classmate who should be added to this page please let us know.