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06/21/08 10:14 AM #1    


Susan Attkisson (VanSoest)

Welcome to the Madison High School Class Of 1973 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

06/22/08 06:09 PM #2    

Barbara Buzzy Kelly (Smith)

Hello all! Thanks, Susan for setting up this cool web site! Hope to see all of you at our 35th in September!

07/15/08 08:54 PM #3    

Michele Meischeid

Can't wait to see everyone at the Reunion.

This means you too, Kevin Lewis!!! :)

If anyone gets down here near the Outer Banks of NC, please look me up. I'm in the phone book!

07/16/08 05:17 PM #4    


Susan Attkisson (VanSoest)


I didn't know that you were near the Outer Banks, I've always wanted to vacation there. Let's talk at the reunion.

Do you really think Kevin will get his butt up here from sunny Florida?

07/16/08 10:45 PM #5    

Deborah Drake (Pebley)

It's great looking over this information and remembering the "good ole day". The "In Memory section" is so sad. How did these people die and when? Does anyone know?Thanks for all of the hard work Sue and all.

09/14/08 05:19 AM #6    

John Fratt

hey its time to party you old farts
give me a call if you want to get together before the reunion susan posted we are getting together before the reunion at the beach crill on fri ...... . my old buddy demarse will be in so we will be going out on the town . green lantern first.. pick up the phone and call if you want to go and if not cya you at the reunion
john fratt

09/17/08 09:04 PM #7    

Barbara Buzzy Kelly (Smith)

Hey guys: The countdown is on! We REALLY need everyone who has responded that they will attend the reunion to send in their payment before Saturday, 9/20!

We have had to switch to a much smaller venue, so we'll pretty much have to cut off attendance if not paid by that date.

That being said, can't wait to see you all on the 26th (on the East side..thanks John Davey :), and on the 27th at the reunion! Love, Buzzy

09/19/08 07:02 PM #8    

Dorothy Dunaj (Harris)

hi ya all its me Dorothy Harris(Dunaj) look forward to see everyone at the reuion counting down the days getting butter flies in my stomach trying see if i will remember anyone by some of the profiles i have read and seen alot of us have change bye for now see you all in a week.

09/28/08 03:24 PM #9    

Barbara Buzzy Kelly (Smith)

Well, the party's over, and it appears that everyone had a great time! The "girls" all looked absolutley fabulous, and the "boys" as cute as ever! Chas blew us away with his song stylings, and it appears that even after 35 years we can still move out on the dance floor! A special, big THANK YOU to Bob, his lovely wife and their co-workers for providing the fabulous entertainment! If you couldn't make it to the reunion, we'd like to let you know that John Fratt has announced that he's going to begin planning a MHS multi-class reunion to be held two years from now. This web site (kudos, Sue)is a great way for us to all stay in touch until then. I feel very fortunate that Ken and I were able to attend to reunite with all of you! Take care.

09/28/08 06:29 PM #10    


Susan Attkisson (VanSoest)

I'd like to express my thanks to Buz, Mistah Ken, Lorna, Gary, Paul and Don for making this a night to remember, it truly wouldn't have happened without them. I also want to thank Bob Hogue for donating his time and talent to make sure we were entertained...who knew Chas could sing????? It was great to see everyone again, and I must say we all look fabulous! I look forward to the 50 year thing John Fratt's talking about planning. See you then John Davey! Love to all Susan

09/30/08 02:43 PM #11    


Sergio Dinino

It was great to see everyone at the reunion. After getting over the butterflies it seemed to be too short of time to say hi to all. I uploaded some pix of the reunion on my profile. Thanks to all that put it together. See you all at the next one.

10/31/08 04:29 PM #12    

Michele Meischeid

Hey Everybody!!
What a fantastic get together and a blessing to be able to talk with everyone! I felt the change of location gave us the opportunity to actually talk to everyone and have a great time.

Didn't Chas come out of his shell??? I bet he had been practicing since our last reunion in hopes of blowing us all away with his unknown talent!! Great job, Chas!

Thank you so much Bob for the entertainment. I didn't realize how easy it would be to entertain us all. :)
Anyway I will speak for everyone when I say that we are very grateful that you volunteered your services. It made the evening most memorable.

I have finally uploaded the pictures I took at the reunion; so, check out my photo album. Once I mail the pictures to Sue, she will also upload them to this web site, too. But if you can't wait.....

I feel so blessed to have attended school with such wonderful people as yourselves. After living in several states, I can really appreciate ole Mad Heights and those of us who grew up there. I think we all turned out to be "fine upstanding citizens"!!

Take care & I look forward to seeing everyone in another 5!
Michele Meischeid

10/31/08 04:32 PM #13    

Michele Meischeid

OOPPPSS!! (I pressed the submit button my mistake)

My undying thanks to Sue, Buzzy, Mistah Ken, Lorna, Gary, Don and anyone else I may have missed for working so hard to provide us a reunion to be remembered!

11/16/08 08:22 AM #14    

John Fratt

to all who put the reunion together great job
bob you need more music ,lol and chas you the man pratice we will all make a dueet next time and guys sue will be helping for the 50 yrs of madison she does such a great job ,,,right,,, hey it was a good time never long enough. wish more of the deadbeats would show up
it ws great to see everybody as always madison was a great school and fun lot of memorys
john fratt

12/22/08 01:50 AM #15    

William Banyai

hey y'all,

what a good time. every reunion is so different from the last. our old friends keep crawling out of the woodwork.

rockin' bobby H was a scream with the tunes. no surprise, when you think about it.

denny schaaf gave us one last hurrah. after the cocktail party, chas, denny, and I went out for sushi and then to a little punk club at grosbeck and 15 mile road for some entertainment. we dropped him at his place and said our last goodbyes. we all knew it was forever.

you got my number. i always show up for the boat races after the 4th.

cu then,


06/28/11 08:29 PM #16    

Janet Baker (Moran-White)

i know what hap to billy baker

07/13/11 11:30 AM #17    

Janet Baker (Moran-White)

I will no longer be going to this site....guess i am still the outcast

07/25/11 09:41 AM #18    

Barbara Buzzy Kelly (Smith)

Janet!  Please don't feel that way!  I don't think anyone visits this site when there isn't a reunion coming up.  The only reason I visited today, is because I am an administrator of the site and got a message that it needs updating.  Are you on Facebook?  A lot of our classmates are there.  Would love to chat with ya!  Buzzy

08/03/12 02:06 AM #19    

Janet Baker (Moran-White)

Hey all , it's me Janet Baker Moran (nope) Janet White..."Jan"..getting ready to retire in 3 more years. Kids are all great,no grand kids..just living life and rolling along..oh ,,got a GREAT husband and step-daughter. We all live in the DFW area of TX. FB is "Jan White, Arlington Tx.., oh, Billy Baker got hit by a drunk driver shortly after grad..he (Billy) was on his motorcycle..I know this cause there was a obit in the Daily Tribune w/his picture

08/04/12 05:06 PM #20    


Sergio Dinino

Hi Janet and everyone. I remember about Billy Baker because I saw him about a couple weeks before the accident. It was my first notice of an alumnis death. So soon, so sad. Hope to see you all next year.

08/06/12 10:38 AM #21    


Debra Angelo (Johnson)

Hi Everyone!

Looking forward to our next reunion, any dates set yet? 

I will still be working, yet I bet some of you will be retiring..

I look so forward to doing that some day in my life...

Enjoy your Summer.  My Golden Retriever is a Therapy Dog, we visit patients on the weekends.


Debi Angelo

09/26/12 07:22 AM #22    

John Fratt

hey there

its time for us to get together on some idea's for the reunion next year

susan a/v has done a great job along with buzzy and others .

susan what  month do you have plan for thr reunion and were you thinking

my new number is 561-613-1926 call me or email  me ok

take care

john f

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